Request for Proposal: Climate Smart Fisher Facility in Soubise

Provision of Design Services (Architectural and Engineering)
for a
Climate Smart Fisher Facility in Soubise, St Andrew, Grenada


Deadline Extended to 15 February 2019


The Nature Conservancy (TNC) together with International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is implementing Resilient Islands: Integrating Ecosystem and Community-based Approaches to Enhance Climate Change Adaptation in the Caribbean, a four-year initiative 2017–2021 sponsored by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). The long-term impact of this initiative is to achieve resilient islands in the Caribbean with strong empowered communities and governments that significantly increase investments at the local and national level addressing protection, restoration of key ecosystems and natural areas while reducing risk and vulnerability, to meet adaptation and development goals.

The Nature Conservancy is an international conservation organization, with a local office in St George implementing marine conservation and coastal resilience projects throughout the Eastern Caribbean. The Federation is the world’s largest humanitarian network with a national society in Grenada, implementing local disaster risk reduction initiatives.

The Resilient Islands project is assisting governments and communities in the Dominican Republic, Grenada and Jamaica integrate community and ecosystem-based adaptation into local and national decision-making and policies, to reduce climate vulnerability and boost adaptive capacity. The project also seeks to advance disaster risk reduction decisions at the local and regional level, by providing a platform for broad-scale replicability of the activities being implemented in the three countries. This four-year initiative is unique in that it combines TNC’s leadership in science-based approaches to climate resilience and disaster risk reduction, with the IFRC’s expertise in disaster risk reduction and response, culminating with tools, trainings and on-the-ground interventions that will enable governments and selected communities to become leaders of innovative, cost-effective and nature-based approaches to meeting adaptation, risk reduction and sustainable development goals.

In Grenada, several interventions are being undertaken, one of which includes the design, construction and commission of a Climate Smart Fisher Facility. This design will be based on draft designs already done for the Facility, and must provide amongst others, the following benefits for Fishers, Community Members and other stakeholders:

  • Protected fair weather storage with pier access and haul-out for boat maintenance
  • Improved near-shore habitat, reduced erosion and filtered runoff through the use of coastal vegetation
  • Enhanced areas for community gatherings and recreation



The Architectural or Engineering Firm (Firm) is expected to offer a highly skilled and experienced team of experts for the successful completion of activities in each of the following categories:

  1. The preparation of designs including their approval from relevant authorities
  2. The preparation of a tender dossier, including specifications and Bill of Quantities (BOQ) required for construction
  3. Supervisory services during the construction phase. This will be executed through a separate contract.


STAGE 1: Preparation of Architectural and Engineering Designs

This stage shall comprise though not limited to the completion and submission of 4 sets of the following stamped CAD drawings (hardcopy) for submission to the Physical Planning Unit (PPU) of Grenada for approvals, and TNC:

  1. Architectural and Engineering Drawings (including working drawings) for construction
  2. Mechanical and Sanitary Drawings (Cooling, Sanitation, Water, Fire Sprinklers etc.)
  3. Electrical Drawings (high-low voltage systems while also accounting for data, telecommunication etc.)

Guidance notes/requirements:

  • The Firm shall produce climate smart, eco-friendly designs, with due consideration to local and international (EU) fishing industry norms and standards, energy efficiency, water conservation and guidelines for maritime structures.
  • The Firm shall also take into account current environmental standards, safety and security and availability of/access to necessary services such as water and sanitation.
  • The Firm shall participate in at least 2 stakeholder charrettes to present designs and or address design concerns.
  • The Firm shall prepare and submit all requisite documents necessary to obtain all approvals and permits from all relevant authorities.
  • The set of drawings in the categories above shall be developed with consideration for the relevant standards, capacities and norms of the existing building codes and also dictated by the specifications of required equipment.
  • All construction drawings shall include their set of design calculations where applicable.
  • A brief design report shall sum up all design activities and provide the rationale for the optimal design, taking into account the impacts of climate occurrences such as hurricanes, storm surges and sea level rise. Standards, norms and regulations used must be referred to in said report. No conclusions and or decisions must be made without reference to any standard, norm or regulation.


During Stage 1, the Firm shall have in their employ, at minimum the services of 1 Project Manager-Architect, 1 Civil/Structural Engineer and 1 CAD Technician.


STAGE 2: Preparation of Bill of Quantity (BOQ) including all specifications required for the tendering of the proposed designs for construction

Guidance notes:

  • The Firm shall propose capacity and sizes for all material and equipment with due regard to local and, eco-friendly norms and standards.
  • Tender documents shall serve as “Statement of Works” and “Technical Specifications” which shall be used during tendering for construction.
  • Tender documents shall comprise 4 sections, namely; 1) Statement of Works and Technical Specifications, 2) Bill of Quantities, 3) Work Schedule and 4) Construction Drawings


STAGE 3: Management and Supervision of Construction (separate contract)


The timeframe for Stage 1) the preparation of design and drawings for approval and Stage 2) the preparation of tender dossier including specifications and Bill of Quantities (BOQ) required for the construction of the Climate Smart Fisher Facility is 2 months. Stage 3), the provision of services for management and supervision of construction will be determined subsequently.



Any architectural or engineering company which is duly registered in their country is eligible to participate in this tender. The Firm needs to demonstrate a high degree of technical expertise in the preparation of documents for this project, by referring to previous similar projects completed during the past 5 years. The Firm shall conform to existing laws, regulations and professional codes as established by Grenada.


Bidders must provide relevant documentation with regards to their eligibility to meet the following requirements in their offers:

  • The chosen Firm should possess highly qualified architect/s and engineer/s in their employ, who will be engaged in the project, and they must provide the CVs of suggested personnel to be assigned to same.
  • All experts; architects and other engineers, involved in the project must possess a minimum of 7 years of experience in said profession.
  • The Firm must submit a list of at least 3 similar projects designed and constructed during the past 5 years. These presented projects must be of a high standard in terms of aesthetics and functionality, with a preference for eco-friendly designs. TNC reserves the right to contact any of the Firm’s clients for references and feedback on past performance.
  • The Firm should demonstrate sound financial standing and have a turnover of projects/services during the past 2 years in the amount of at least USD 1 Million.


Note: to ensure proper independent oversight over the construction works the Firm selected for this tender and or its personnel/experts can’t be affiliated in any way with the company carrying out constructions works, to avoid conflicts of interest.



 Proposals from the bidders shall be evaluated through a quality and cost-based approach.

  • Any Firm that does not meet the minimum requirements, set forth above, shall be disqualified.
  • The Firms whose proposals meet the minimum requirements set forth above, shall be evaluated based on Technical and Financial proposals which will have 70% and 30% weight on the overall evaluation, respectively.
  • Only bidders who secure 70% and above on the technical score shall be further evaluated.


Technical Evaluation Criteria Summary:

Criteria Max. Points
1 Expertise of the Firm 20
2 Proposed Work Plan with Timelines 20
3 Personnel 30




Hardcopies from TNC’s Office; Old Fort Road, St George, Grenada

  • If necessary, a site visit will be conducted on 22 January 2019 at a time to be agreed on for interested local bidders. A “virtual site visit” at a time to be determined on 23 January 2019, will also be carried out for non-local interested bidders
  • For interested bidders, TNC will provide a copy of the draft project concept, which will assist with proposal preparation. This can be obtained by contacting Nealla Frederick via email



Proposals must include a comprehensive workplan of proposed activities for each project stage, timelines and the costing to complete same. These should be submitted electronically to Nealla Frederick via email by 15 February 2019.

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